SPG Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.

We are a leading guitar company who is producing high quality musical instruments.
Company Outline
#. Established in Incheon, Korea (Feb, 2003)

#. Three Million Dollar, Prize for Top of Export (Nov, 2011)

#. Certifications of Venture Company and Inno-Biz (Sep, 2010)

#. Relocation of New Factory (May, 2011)

#. Five Million Dollar, Prize for Top of Export (Nov, 2013)

#. Employee : 73 persons (Men : 46 & Women : 27)

#. Production Capability : 2,000ea/month

#. Main Products : Hollow-body Guitars, Electric Guitars & Bass Guitars etc.

#. Web site : www.spguitar.com

Principle of a Company

Best Quality

Reasonable Price


Stable Delivery


To be a reciprocative company to the best customers with the ceaseless study and effort.

To make the high-end guitars and provide to global artists through our accumulated know-how for 40 years.

Primary Production Process

Wood Working (I)


Wood Working (II)









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